Secondary Control Pad
Glass Break
Door Transmitter
Window Transmitter
Motion Sensor
Smoke/Heat Detector
Garage Door Transmitter
Z-Wave Yale Electronic Door Lock
Z-Wave for home automation
Indoor/Outdoor Camera with Router

1  Lyric Control Pad
All exterior Door Contacts
1 Motion Sensor
1 Glass Break
Total Connect
Installation Included
$40 monthly Basic

$50 monthly Advanced

How many times when you leave your house do you ask your Wife/ Husband, "did you arm the security system?"  Now just log in with your smart phone and arm it! That's not all. Bring your home into the automation age.  Imagine turning your thermostat up or down from any where in the world. Trust us, it's worth it. You can add cameras around the house that will send clips of events to your email. It's awesome knowing when your kids get home or what time your mail man comes everyday.  And that's not all! You can set your lights on timers to turn on and off. Now your family members can come home to a well lit house making them feel safer. If you have family that comes over unexpected press a button on your phone and unlock your front door. Be in the now.

Security System Add-On

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Why this Security System?
With the Lyric High Security Panel you can finally use your security system!

Basic Home Security Package with Automation

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