Builders Packages


​​• Basic Wiring Package - 10 Lines of Phone/Data * Surround Sound Pre-Wired Trimmed to Blanks * HDMI to TV Max Length 50 ft * Structural Wiring Panel​​
• Home Theater Packages
• ​​Whole House Audio
- 4 rooms of audio with speakers App controlled
• Selective ​Intercom System-
4 Room Communication Stations * Max of 8 Stations per Module
• Camera Packages
• Remotes-
Harmony Touch * Harmony Ultimate - Advance Remote for Easy Operation with One Touch Buttons and/or Base Station
• Spartan Security System-
1 Keypad, 1 Key Faub, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Siren,  Exterior Door Contacts * Additional Add On's Available

Understanding Why
With technology always advancing, its important to keep your customer in the now. We run Cat-6 lines to connect multiple devices in house to internet with a hard wire. If your building or living in a 2000 plus square foot house your WiFi-Network only goes so far; leaving your Smart TV's and Cell phones jumping on and off the network. Fix it before it's a problem. Use one of the hard wired lines to permanently connect something or use it to extend WiFi in the dead zones.  

      All your coax lines, phone lines and Cat-6 lines are brought back to a smart panel for neatness and easy accessibility. There is nothing worse then seeing 8 different coax lines and 5 phone lines sticking out of the side of your brand new house. Let us minimize that eye sore with 2 coax/ and 2 Cat-6 lines which go in to your smart panel.

Image B, shows the  

 re- performed work by

Spartan Pro Tech professionals. 

Here at Spartan Sound and Security, we have learned some valuable lessons. For one, use people for who they are - their expertise. If you are still using an electrician to put Cable/Phone/Data, Surround Sound and/or Security Systems in your house; you are losing money. Spartan Pro Tech has packages you can offer to your customers.  Better, cooler products sell houses. Houses sold faster, equal more money. Separate yourself from the competition, improve your name with qualified professionals installing your high performance audio/video equipment.  Make Spartan Sound and Security part of your team Today!

Welcome Builders

Improve your Projects while saving money

Image A, shows work performed by a non-professional. The Builder paid for this!

Structured Wiring